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Thanks to everyone who sent me copies of my skins. i really appreciate it. :)

There has been a bit happening recently. I uploaded a modern skin i started work on very recently. My brother is planning on coding it. Its cool having 2 ppl rite here to get the job done. :P But he hasnt coded a skin before so it'll be a slow process. Same goes for me in the designing phase. i honestly havent touched it in over a week - though its on my mind. Too many late nites and too many hung-over mornings if u know what i mean...BUT it will be done.

Also, the great people at Skinconsortium contacted me a few weeks ago and offered to finish Romulus using the screenshot. Right now, I am devoting whatever free time i have to helping that project get done. Please visit to check its progress and to check out the other great skins they have made. Hats off to them for their enthusiasm and commitment to the community in trying to bring "shelved" projects to life! :)

I am also thinking up a WA2 skin of late. Hopefully I can get it on psd b4 i forget...

Peace to u all...
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Hey everyone. Consider this a dying man's last wish. If anyone out there, ANYONE, has a copy of my skins, could you please let me know? I dont care what it is, but if you have any of my skins could you please tell me.

So far, scouring through my work I found that I have only 2 of my previous skins. So if anyone has a copy, please let me know. I'll note you my email address so you can send it to me. This is so I can get them back finally at long last, and so I can re-upload them to DA. This would be a huuuuge help my friends. :)

"To My Fellow Skinners" :…
I was looking at the pages of a few skinners, the ones from my "generation". Not to say they weren't around before that or after it, but they are the people I think of most when I look back at that period a few years ago. They are the skinners I conversed with, collaborated with etc. Then I looked at some of the new skinners out there - name's I've never heard before. Sometimes I feel the standards of this art form have somewhat deteriated, or rather new and talented, potentially great skinners are taking up the art but are still developing their skills.

As I looked at these pages and skins by some of my favorite skinners and arguably some of the greatest skinners ever...I came to acknowledge something. I realised that we all had existed in a period somewhat like a Golden Age for WA skinning. The stuff we put out was amazing -pushed the standard higher. Each and every one of us. Each and every skin. Artistically worked through to the last pixel. Unique styles, colors, designs. I remember treasuring the critiques of certain skinners very much as well as always commenting and downloading every skin they make. I considered these people above the rest. People who perfected skinning as an Art form. Skinners that would be remembered years after.

I like to place this time somewhere around Winamp3's launch - cos I think some of the best WA2 skins came out around here. I remember staring at the fine details on skins by Kriptoner, Vida, Uriel, Peacemaker, Zkreso, 883, thk, intolerant3d, l-courni, jocpoc, jason, frezorer, c-spector and more. Many more of them after I joined Breed. I remember Monaux returnig to the art and making a couple AWESOME WA3 skins, and a couple WA2 aswell. i even remember Dj-Designs making a couple skins after a long time. Kriptoner's De-Reliction & Canicule and so many more, Peacemakers amazing organic-metallic looks sophia in particular for me, c-spectors skins which seemed to go from one awesome style to another, Vida was a god among skinners, I think he really influenced the way i skinned, he and 883 I felt brought some standards to skinning that remained for a long time. 883 had those awesome Bionica's, and Enkera skins. soooo many more greats by all of us!

I thought back through all this becos I felt a need to talk about this history. When I take the scope of it all in i feel we were all part of something really really big. We were at the forefront of WA skinning when WA was going through some of the biggest changes its had. We were the skinners everyone looked at to make the best new skins especially with WA going freeform. some of us made the skins that set the benchmarks in WA Modern skins, others perfected the Classic. i feel proud to have been part of such an amazing community.

I want you guys to know, wherever the hell you are, whether ur still skinning, or like me wishing you still had time to fuck around on photoshop, we not only lived through a Golden Age of skinning, but we all contributed to it like no other.
Wow its been so long since I've been here...a combination of work and university has kept me off the scene for quite a while. I'd like to think that I'll come back and put up more work. Finish the unfinished. But I can't say for sure...

We'll come back.
Nero is up. Please check it out if you can find the time.. :)
We'll be submitting our GUI skin in the next few days...

can't wait! ;)
Fed up of skinning for a while. Just gonna take a break and grab a pizza.

To tired..
Yep, got the flu. and it sucks. esp when i go to work and keeping sneezing. :(

A lot of new skin projects in the works, though I don't know for sure when they'll all be done.
Our new WA Classic skin, Nero, has been submitted to the GUI Olympics ( Check it out! And also check out the rest of the skins by the Breedart Team! :)
Sri Lanka's latest general election just ended. Suprisingly not too many peopl got killed :)

Quite astonishing given our track record.
I love pay-day :nod:
3 skins we're doing and 4 more skins in various stages..they won't be completed. I've had alot of time these past few weeks and just making the most of it while it lasts. The road has almost ended for us..almost but not yet :P
We completed the WA2 skin. Now it's just that big one to do..
Made some choices today.

Will have to face the consequences of those actions.
Lots of dreams in the pipeline.

Skins nearing completion.

Hoping to join another art group.

Won't be able to reach devMeet. :(

Suddenly thought of a Modern skin...

...probably code it out with a buddy.
We finally uploaded the new skin. I know i said we'd put it up "next week" but i just couldn't wait!! :D
Almost done with this skin. Just started it 2 weeks ago. found some free time. expect it out next week. just have to map a few more's a WA classic. I still don't think i could EVER do a Modern skin for WA5!

By the end of Feb, things are gonna be easier and we SHOULD be able to get a skin or so done...

Maaaaan i'm bored! :P
Ouch! we're 19!

We should actually start growing up by now.